I thought custom crafting was a thing of the past in construction. Everything seems to be made to be as universal as possible. Of course you have to cut wood, flooring and other materials to fit, but a lot of things are very modular in design. We needed custom step units where two commercial buildings met side by side. They were now owned by one person, and they were right up against one another. On the flat roofs there was a four foot brick wall of each building at the sides were they abutted. Maintenance used to climb over it, but we put in steps with rails to make it safer to do routine maintenance across the two buildings.



Company policy and insurance requirements made specific protocols needed for climbing, and going over that wall was climbing. Steps made it a simple matter. Otherwise the maintenance crew had to erect ladders and follow safety procedures. The other option was to go down to ground level, out the front door and into the next building and back up the stairs. The step units made it easy to literally step up and over the separating wall.

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Energy is a cost that nearly everyone has to pay for. Whether it’s the cost of putting gas into the car, buying groceries or even the cost of keeping a house comfortable under modern standards of living, we all have different sorts of energy costs that we engage in every single day. Once I began living on my own I quickly discovered that if I didn’t actively budget and manage my energy cost of living that I would have difficulty controlling it. Even here in Texas with our great Texas Energy companies I still found it necessary to actively monitor just how much energy I was using, where it was going and finding solutions to better use that energy.

23 years old Parmaram works on the reverse osmosis plant, at the Manthan campus in Kotri Rajasthan, India, on Tuesday, August 10, 2010. Parmaram is a dalit and he got his primary education at the night school. After school, he undertook training in carpentry, followed by a training in water testing and a training as barefoot solar engineer. He assembles, installs and repairs solar lanterns and fixed solar units for villagers who need them. He has also been operating the solar-powered revere osmosis plant at Manthan campus. Photographer: Prashanth Vishwanathan/Greenpeace

I think that is the most important way to think about energy; how we apply the energy. In approaching it within this context I began to write down what I wanted to use the energy most for and what I didn’t need it.

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Getting into mobile apps development isn’t something that I thought I would be doing. I went to law school with dreams of being a lawyer, an idea popped into my head one day and that changed my life. I thought it would be convenient if there was an entire database in the form of an app that would contain all information about legal cases and codes. Anything, from copyright law, to civil law, to tax law, would be covered in the database. An app like that had the potential to give anyone the ability to check the legality of anything before acting upon it.

In order to have my app made, I went to a company with my idea and asked them to make it for me.

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The Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club, located 4 miles from Kenmare, Co Kerry, spectacularly overlooks majestic Kenmare Bay.

The panoramic views of the nearby Caha Mountains and Kenmare Bay to the south, combined with the MacGillycuddy Reeks to the north, provide for a wonderful golfing experience amidst the tranquillity and beauty of Ireland’s most imposing landscapes.
The world-class course at the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club, has been constructed to the highest specification (the greens being constructed of materials complying fully with the recognised USGA specifications) and is unique in being the only inland golf course in Ireland to have fairways constructed from sand. A feature which provides superb playing surfaces and more importantly exceptional drainage, ensuring year round playability.

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I knew that there are marketing companies that exist, but I did now know that there are thousands of people who make a lot of money by doing it solely online, and they sell products directly to consumers.

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They have been talking about this at work for a few days. We are started to notice that we are losing traffic on the web page. It was not too hard to figure out what was wrong, someone in the office played around with Google. They searched for our majority products and they did not find our web page where it used to be. Apparently someone has been busy with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and they have whipped us at it. We have began to look around and checked out this guy named Ewen Chia reviews. He really talks a big game, but we looked at the reviews and did not really think that they were completely on the up and up.

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I knew that the only way that I was going to make more money is if I took the initiative to search for something that would bring in more money. I had been drifting from one low paying job to another, and could not get ahead financially in a way that would allow me to stop worrying about paying my bills. I decided to spend a weekend looking only at things online that would help me start a career. That is how I learned about Ewen chia and how he makes a lot of money through the help of the Internet. I wanted to give it a try myself.

I had scraped some money together over time and had it in my savings account.

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I have been talking to my boss this morning. He wants me and a couple of other people to start looking into ways that we can drive web traffic to the company’s web page. We have no real idea how to achieve that, so we have started to look around on the web for answers. I found this Ewen Chia review, he is a guy who claims that he can do exactly what we need done, but obviously I have no clue as to what value his promises have. It is not something that the average person is going to be able to understand very easily. You have to be able to understand how the search engines rank their search results as I understand it. That seems to be the key to the entire thing, something that they call search engine optimization.

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Links land is a geological rarity. Less than one percent of all courses in Europe are championship links. Waterville is honoured to be included among the very best of these in a prestigious Golf World survey.
It is one of the oldest Irish clubs, having been founded in 1897 with the arrival of the trans-Atlantic telegraph cable from the United States. After 80 years of play, the original nine hole course was redesigned by the famous Irish golf architect, Eddie Hackett and the late owner, John A. Mulcahy.Waterville_Golf_Course

Today Waterville is truly mystical. The course gradually introduces the player to its special tempo and rhythm and concludes with a symphony of links beauty. From Henry Cotton to Ray Floyd, all have praised its perfection.

The clubhouse is unique with ocean vistas, golf art, antique memorabilia and the warm ambience of its members. The restaurant and pub feature fresh seafood, Irish fare and the best pint in Kerry, all served by the glow of turf fires.
The Links resort includes Waterville House, the owners residence and a four star 18th century manor. Guests enjoy preferential access to the Links and one of the finest salmon and trout fisheries in Ireland.

Kilkee Golf Club

Kilkee Golf Club

Kilkee Golf Course is a challenging 18 hole championship standard course laid out in an idyllic setting on the cliffs of County Clare in the west of Ireland with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Consisting of partly links a and partly cliff-top each of the 18 holes has a very distinctive approach.

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th holes have the Atlantic Ocean as the principal water hazard. While the back tee makes Kilkee a tough challenge for good golfers, the forward tee gives the learner and improving golfer a chance to bring in a good score.

The Old Head Golf Links is one of the most remarkable developments ever conceived in the history of golf: an Atlantic promontory that will never be rivalled in terms of drama and beauty.Old-Head-flyover-image

It rises hundreds of feet high above dramatic cliffs, surrounded by the ocean on all sides and commanding the most spectacular views from every part. The Old Head is ideally located on the South coast of Ireland, a 30-minute drive from Cork International Airport, and within striking distance of the renowned courses of South-West Ireland.

The course was designed by a combination of Ireland’s golfing heroes and recognised international contemporary design experts led by Joe Carr, Ron Kirby, Paddy Merrigan and the late Eddie Hackett. It opened in June 1997 to international acclaim.

The K Club was designed by Arnold Palmer and has a par of 72. Covering 220 acres of prime Kildare woodland and featuring 11 lakes and the River Liffey, the course gives all players a demanding game – a golfing dream.the-k-club

The river Liffey divides to from the tiny island of Inismor, just below the terraced approaches to the 19th Century Straffan House. The river, made famous in the writings of James Joyce, is just one of 11 splendid water features which Arnold Palmer embodied into his design. When planning the course, the great American golfer said he looked forward to making the course “a blend of pleasure, skill and challenge”. He has provided up to 4 boxes at most tees, with the back tees providing a real championship test.

The ancient estate parkland over which the fairways roll is adored with magnificent mature trees and exotic plants, providing visual splendour and a great golfing challenge. Overlooking all, is the opulent and elegant Staffan House, the home of the luxurious Kildare Hotel and Country Club. The course opened in 1991 and todate has hosted the Irish Professionals P.G.A Championships and the Jonny Walker P.G.A Cup 1992. The club will host the European Open in 1995.


It was once said that writing about Killarney is akin to writing about St. Andrews. There surely is nothing new to say. An equally perceptive commentator pointed out that while St Andrews is the home of golf, Killarney is something greater- the home of beauty!Killarney Golf Club

Heaven’s Own Reflex is what the locals would have you believe and with characteristic sparkle in the eye Kerry folk will further convince you that one of the world’s most visited tourists resorts is “the end product of what the good Lord almighty can do when He’s in a good mood!”
It is, of course, self-evident that this quite enchanting setting by the shimmering lakes, as immortalised in song by Bing Crosby, and in the bewitching valley of the mountainous and multi-coloured MacGillycuddy’s Reeks is, indeed, a tapestry most beautifully embroidered by nature’s hand.
Killarney Golf Club has hosted many of the world’s leading golfers over the past half century, all of whom expressed their great delight with the courses. In the recent past particularly during the hosting of the Irish Open many of the great golfers played in Killarney including, Payne Stewart, Bernhard Langer, Jose Maria Olazabal and Anders Forsbrand.
Killarney is the only Irish venue to have acted host to the European Amateur Team Championships which happened in 1975.

A story told about the ready availability of the village butcher to oblige a visitor by presenting himself on the first tee at a moment’s notice goes some way to explaining why Lahinch is widely regarded as the St Andrews of Ireland.La Hinch Golf Club

Legend has it that the grateful, though bemused visitor expressed the opinion that if the butcher was prepared to close shop at the prospect of a game of golf, he could hardly make himself much money. ‘Maybe not, but he sure makes a lot of friends’, was the reply, in a telling statement that underlines the sense of occasion at this hotbed of golf.

What strikes you most about the tiny seaside village amid the spectacular scenery of West Clare is that everyone is consciously aware of the historical importance of golf. The special atmosphere manifests itself as you stroll around meeting the local people, whether in their tweed and souvenir shops or in the pubs, playing their traditional music.

This special flavour is prevalent during big competition times, most notably during the traditional July staging of the South of Ireland Amateur Open Championship, the oldest of the provincial championships and in existence since 1895

Our championship golf course at the Slieve Russell opened in August 1992, and has become one of the very top golfing venues in Ireland. It is now being compared to some of the great courses world-wide. No less a person than Christy O’Connor Senior showered lavish praise on the course, when he stated “I would pay no better tribute to the course at the Sleive Russell, than to say, the more often I play it, the more it reminds me of Gleneagles”.Slieve-Russell

Forming part of the 300 acre estate, including 50 acres of lakes, the unique style of the Slieve Russell course is sensitively wrapped around the lakes drumlins of the County Cavan landscape. Multiple tree positions facilitate all categories of golfing ability with the championship tees demanding strategic shot making.

The 18 hole course is complemented by a putting green, practice area and a nine hole par 3 course. Our exclusive clubhouse facilities professional shop, fully equipped locker rooms, club and baggage store, and the Summit Bar and Restaurant with its panoramic views of the course.

Golf, as with most things pleasurable in life, is approached with a particular passion here in Dublin. For many years visitors from both home and further afield have availed of the luxury of this particular pastime in the auspicious surroundings of The Royal Dublin Golf Club. Ireland’s second oldest golf club and one of the Ireland’s premier sporting theatres, Royal Dublin provides visiting players with a combination of a superb championship links course and a degree of hospitality that mirrors its historic development.Royal Dublin Golf Club

Founded at a meeting at No.19 Grafton Street in May 1885 initially the club was based in Dublin’s renowned Phoenix Park but as interest and membership grew a new home was sought. In 1889, after a brief sojourn in Sutton, the club moved to its present home at Bull Island.

It is arguable that the clubs origins and history stretch back to the early 1880’s when one Captain William Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame, in constructing a sea wall to aid proper shipping access to Dublin, created a sand bank where Royal Dublin enjoys its unique location today.

As with all great clubs, Royal Dublin has the amenities to match its course. Visitors are warmly welcomed and will find the club easy to access, being a mere fifteen minutes from the centre of Dublin. To ensure that your day goes as smoothly as it can, a time-sheet is in operation when your booking is made.

Golf might well have remained a minority sport in Ireland had it not been for a go-ahead railway company official, who exploited the unknown fishing village of Newcastle Co. Down.Royal County Down Golf Club
Joseph Tatlow was the enterprising manager of the old Belfast and Co. Down Railway, and it occurred to him that, since the Belfast Golf Club was proving such a curiosity, another club somewhere along the line would be a big boost for business. Little could he have realised that he was to inspire the creation of a golf club that would attract people to travel from all over the world.

Founded in 1889, the second oldest club in Northern Ireland has long been revered as one of the world’s classic links. “Exhilarating even without a club in your hand”, it was intuitively observed, in respectful recognition of a course essentially laid out by Old Tom Morris and later approved by Vardon and then by Colt.
According to the early minutes of the club, Morris was adjured not to let his costs exceed four guineas (£4.20). Considering his artistic expression in such a setting, the present generation is left bewildered by the massive sums of money now expended in the creation of courses.

Mount Juliet’s superb 18-hole golf course was designed by Jack Nicklaus, and has been the chosen venue for many prestigious golfing events including the Irish Open.

The course boasts a cleverly concealed drainage and irrigation system, perfect even when inclement weather would otherwise preclude play, and takes every advantage of the estates mature landscape to provide a world class 72-par challenge for professionals and high-handicap golfers alike.

A unique three-holed golfing academy has been added to offer both novice and experienced players ample opportunity to improve their games, while a new 18-hole putting course provides extra dimension of golfing pleasure.

The County Sligo Golf Club, better known in Ireland as Rosses Point, lies literally in the shadow of the great Benbulbin Mountain. Ever since its creation in 1894 by Colt & Allison, it has belonged to the ranks of the best of Championship courses and every year, since 1923, it has been the scene of the Irish Amateur Championships.Rosses Point Golf Club

From nearly every point there are breathtaking views of the mountains, the sea and the almost endless hilly countryside surrounding the County Sligo Course. The length of the course is 6,645 yards, and a round of its 18 splendid holes is a memorable experience for anyone. It extends along the cliffs overlooking the sea, and the fairways are considered the most undulating in Ireland. The charm of this course was immortalised by the poet W.B. Yeats who dedicated a poem to the wonderful view from the 3rd tee (a par 5 over 500 yards in length).
However, the golfer should not become too enthralled by this beauty as he will need every ounce of his concentration to overcome the very difficult ‘Greenland’ (1st hole), ‘Ewing’s Profile’ (7th), “’Cast a Cold Eye’ (9th), ‘Mahon’s Burn’ (14th) and ‘Christy’s Farm’ (18th), ifhe wishes to be pleased with his performance at the end of the round

Probably Ireland’s most popular tourist location outside the capital, the South West boasts some of the most famous Irish golf courses.

The rugged Atlantic coast of Kerry has the town of Killarney at its heart. From this popular and scenic town you can explore the spectacular Ring of Kerry (a coastal drive around the main peninsula to the south west of Killarney). Tralee on the Atlantic Coast is also hugely popular with holidaymakers and a great way to view it is on horseback.

Cork, Ireland’s second city is another popular location for visitors to travel from. The famous Blarney stone is located to the north of the city. While to the south on the coast the town of Kinsale is hugely popular for its seafood restaurants and sailing.

Day 1
On arrival into Shannon airport please proceed to the Dan Doley Car hire desk in the arrivals lounge where arrangements have been made for you to collect your car. Take the N19 and then the N18 to Limerick, from there follow the N21, N23 and N22 to Killarney.

Accommodation has been arranged for you for the next 3 nights in The Randles Court Clarion Hotel, Muckross Road, Killarney. This 4 star property is on the main road to Killarney National Park and lakes and just 5 minutes from the town centre.

Relax for a while before playing a round of golf at Killarney, home to the Irish Open in 1991 and 1992. This course should produce a sophisticated championship test.

You will be spoilt for choice this evening as Killarney awakes to the buzz of its nightlife, join in the craic and enjoy yourself.

Day 2
After breakfast a Tee Off has been arranged at Waterville Golf Course.Take your time driving back to your hotel via The Ring of Kerry, the views are breathtaking.

Day 3
Following a hearty breakfast make your way to Dooks Golf Course where your Tee Off has been booked.

Day 4
Make your return journey to Shannon Airport, return your car and we hope you have a pleasant journey home.

Course Conditions

1. Courses that a handicap certificate needs to be produced:

Lahinch, Portmarneck Links, Portrush, Cork, Old Head.

2. Courses that do not allow mobile phones:

Co. Louth (only doctors), Fota island, kilarney, The K Club, Waterville, Ballybunion, St. Margarets, Cork, Portrush, Royal County Down, Portmarneck Links, Dromoland, Dooks, Lahinch, Mount Juliet, Druids Glen.
3. Golf clubs that allow soft spikes only:

Druids Glen, Mount Juliet, Rathsallagh, Old Head, Ring of Kerry, Fota Island.
4. Courses that allow both styles of spikes

Co. Louth, Killarney, Westport, The K Club, Waterville, Ballybunion, St Margarets, Cork., Slieve Russell, Portrush, Royal County Down, Portmarneck Links, Bray, Dromoland, Dooks, Lahinch, Royal Dublin.

Powerscourt_GolfclubPowerscourt is a free draining course with links characteristics. Built to championship standard, with top quality tees and exceptional tiered greens, it is set in some of Ireland’s most beautiful parkland. The course has an abundance of mature trees and natural features, with stunning views to the sea and the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Powerscourt is simply an exceptional experience for all golfers.

Powerscourt is a wonderful course for group golf events. Enjoy the competitive spirit of a professionally organised competition for your golf society or corporate golf day. From 20 to 120 players, we know how you make your day a memorable success

Golf has been played in Dooks since 1889. It was introduced to the local aristocracy by officers from the Royal Horse Artillery attending compulsory training at nearby Glenbeigh Artillery Range.dooks3

The golf course is set out on one of three stretches of sand-dunes at the head of Dingle Bay. In the immediate foreground are the sand-dune peninsulas of Rossbeigh and Inch and just a few miles away the whitewashed houses of Cromane fishing village provide an eye-catching distraction. South-eastwards are the famed MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, to the Southwest are the lovely cooms and hills of Glenbeigh and across the bay to the north are the Slieve Mish and Dingle mountains.

And so for the golfer who is seeking a beautiful and tranquil environment to enjoy good golf, Dooks presents a convincing case. Hole number 13 best illustrates the charm and the magic of Dooks. It is a throw back hole to the time when golf began. Greens lay where they fell and were the better for it.

awardlogoInternet Technology Solutions were the overall winners at the Northern Ireland Web Awards 2000,
for the best website www.downshirecaravans.com BT, Compaq and The Belfast Telegraph sponsered the prestigious event, held in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast for which there were 105 companies competing for the award.
Fergusons Irish Linen www.fergusonsirishlinen.com has been nominated Belfast Telegraph/BT Northern Ireland ‘e-business of the month’ for January 2001.
Johnny Breen, Internet Manager at Fergusons Irish Linen said, It is most gratifying and encouraging to see that all the hard work put in by ourselves, and our web development company Internet Technology Solutions, is already reaping rewards.

The longest river in the British Isles, enters the sea on the West coast of Ireland. Bordering this ancient thoroughfare, the city of Limerick is well placed to provide access to the neighbouring regions of Clare, Tipperary and Kerry.

The South of this region is rich pastureland and offers mature parkland courses, while the wild Atlantic coast of Clare offers internationally renowned courses such as Lahinch.

Day 1.
On arrival into Shannon airport make your way to the Dan Dooley Car Hire desk in the arrivals hall where your hire car has been booked.When you leave the airport take the N19 and then the N18 to Limerick. Accommodation has been reserved for the next 3 nights in The Jurys Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick. This 4 star modern hotel is set on a quiet 5 acre garden site on the banks of the river Shannon, just a short stroll to the city centre. The multi award-winning Copper Room restaurant offers superb international cuisine while Bridges Restaurant caters for informal dining. Limericks Bar and the extensive leisure facilities provide you with a choice of ways to relax during your stay. An afternoon tee off has been arranged at Dromoland Golf Course.

Day 2.
After breakfast make your way to La Hinch Golf Course where your Tee Off has been reserved. En-route back to your hotel why not pay a visit to Bunratty Castle, one of the major tourist attractions in Ireland it is well worth stopping for.

Day 3.
Following a hearty breakfast you travel west to Kilkee Golf Course, Tee Off has been arranged for you.

Day 4.
Please depart you hotel in time to leave your car back before checking in for your return flight. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Ireland and that you have a pleasant journey home.